#BeautifulDreamers: Meet Rio & Bryn

We love interesting faces. Even more so, we’re fascinated by the stories and dreams behind those faces. Today marks the first post of our new Beautiful Dreamers blog series. 

Bryn McKay (Montana > Brooklyn, NY)

I’m an artist, writer, painter, poet, and manifestor. My dream is to live my life with the roots of love. I live in Brooklyn where I write for Red Ink on Film with my creative partner, Bianca Butti.

Favorite getaway? Montana and Central America

Book that changed your life? re-reading Jitterbug Perfume' by Tom Robbins

Rio Alexander Hendrix (Beacon, NY > Citizen of the World)

I’m a chef, an owner of a catering company The Beautiful Table, I’m an artist, a curator…I hold a lot of different hats. My dream would be, in the culinary sense, that everyone eats more art. In the personal sense, my dream would be to live off the grid and in harmony in my own little CSA (communally supported agricultural organization) somewhere…maybe in Nicaragua or South America.

Favorite getaway? Martha’s Vineyard or Paris

Book that changed your life? Sex, Art, and American Culture' by Camille Paglia